1991 Convention of the National Puzzlers' League

Pictures From Toronto, ON, Canada

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo:

Front Row: Twisto, Minimus, Gemini, Abacus, Eric with Iambic, Junebug, Val-U, Faro, En, Audrey Jakubiszn (Quip and Poi's Daughter) and Daughter Claire, Helene, Pebbles, Fraz, Banterweight, Jo The Loiterer

Second Row: Jaelti, Nola, Hart Burn, unidentified, Hot, Arachne, Ai, Tihz Wa, Mangie, Poi, Famulus, Hephaestus (Ditto's Husband), Ditto, Ubiq, Avidan, Nightowl, Wabbit, Sluggo

Back rows, left to right: Cork, George Groth, Treesong, Crataegus, Mehitabel, Beacon, Merlin (behind Beacon), Faro, Windjammer, Arbutus, Pen Gwyn, Hudu, Sanit (in back), Manx, Wagstaff, Quip, Senor, 144, Qaqaq, Philana, Atlantic, Mercury, On And Off, Munro (back), Dada, Alf, Brillig, Momus, Trazom, Ostrich, Hart King, Willz, Ulk

Also Attending: Arepo, Cagey And No Fingers, Penny Haxell, Joker, Chris Johnson, Rob and Lynn Malisani, Millipede, Retrosorter And Wife, Sezam, and Marie Shantz