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National Puzzlers' League -- 1994 Convention

Official Picture From the 1994 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo:

Front Row: The Wiz, Senor, Uncanny, Henry Gonshak (Uncanny's Husband) With Baby Becky, Canon, Willz, Squonk, Sluggo, Rastelli, Eric, Laraine Jablon, Tihz Wa, Xemu, 100 Down, Trazom, Arachne with son A Plus, Hot

Row 2: Manache, Ubiq, Booksie, Rho, Peggy Oster (Oak's wife), Charts, Peri, En, Asobi, G,Ames, Irbs, Junebug with Son, Iambic, Mehitabel, Val-U, Philana, Hart Burn, Passerina, Helene, Ai

Row 3: Panache, Dada, Poi, Asteria (Senor's wife), Coach, Jo The Loiterer, Banterweight, Fraz, Nomless (Munro's wife), Luv, Melifer, Sunshine, Gem, Ditto, Arbutus, Belles Lettres, Gemini (Minimus's wife), Wabbit, Polly Wittenburg, Avidan, Jaelti, Ulk, Tilegod, Hephaestus (Ditto's husband)

Row 4: Chainsaw, Munro, Quipo, Pen Gwyn, Slik, Abacus, Indigo, Merlin, Spoonful, Famulus, Andreas, R/Eds, Hart King, Cork, Treesong, Tyger, Mercury, Smaug, Lanx, Qaqaq, Murray Seldeen (Peri's friend)

Row 5: Storyteller (Eric Berlin), Twisto, Panther, Beacon, Shrdlu, Oak, Juncti0N, 144, Minimus, Momus, Alf, Atlantic, Tweaser, Aslf A Metic, Banterweight's Father, Newrow, Manx

Also attending: Beagle, Clueless, Hyett, Sibyl, Smedley and Windjammer; and friends or spouses of Booksie, G,Ames, Mehitabel, R/Eds, Tyger, and the Wiz

Other Pictures

From Peri.

From Tweaser: