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Member Basics

The Unofficial Coat of arms for the NPL

Note: Some information, including The Enigma, Graffiti on the Sphinx (GotS), the Krewe Online list of emails and Brutus, the cryptogram solver, are available only to NPL members Password required, and you will be prompted for your userid and password when you access them. If you are an NPL member but do not have a userid and password (or have forgotten them), email the NPL Treasurer.

Conventions, Website, and eMail

The Krewe gather annually for a convention. Details about past and future conventions are in another area of the website.

The following are basic website and e-mail features available to Krewe. They are detailed on a separate page.

In addition, we have a some lists that may be of interest.


A book of 45 National Puzzlers' League Cryptic Crosswords, edited by Hot and Trazom, with a foreword by Willz, is available for free download as a PDF. (This is the book that was published for $9.95 by Random House in 2005.) This is available to the general public.

Current and back issues of our publications are available to members Password required. Currently, these include The Enigma and Graffiti on the Sphinx.

Other Enigma-related resources:

The 1997 Census Reports

The 1997 Census of the NPL Members Only is now available here. 100Down has published four sections, so far. You will need a website password to access the census.


Solving resources available

Puzzle Composition Resources

We have a number of base finding tools which use our The NPL Wordlists to find potential puzzles.

Nom Resources

Other good links

Convention Pages