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Satyr Eyes


I was recruited by Eeyore.

First Issue: Jan 2002


I have recruited Ariana da Frota of Fort Myers, Florida. Her nom is pending, but we expect it to be DEER-EYED.

If and when I recruit my brother, the airline pilot wannabe, his nom will be MACH.


I'm Satyr Eyes, which means what it sounds like. (Yes, it can be pronounced that way.) The nom isn't particularly applicable to me for any reason; I've just always thought the homonym rather meaningful, for reasons the following never-published flat below may elucidate:

  HOMONYM (8, 5 4)
     I watch your culture from my forest far.
     How laughable they are,
     The rules you men in arrogance create.
     No wonder, then, I EIGHT.
     I'm limitless, which you will never be!
     I revel drunkenly!
     I play upon my panpipes with aplomb!
     For I see through MY NOM!


So far I've combied as:


Not Yet.