Puzzles in Verse

Below, and in the pages that follow, you'll find a selection of puzzles in verse from the pages of The ENIGMA, grouped by type. Before each type, there's a brief explanation of how that puzzle type works. You can select a puzzle's title to see its solution (but please try it yourself first).

The ENIGMA also includes some puzzles that aren't in verse that you may want to try, including a cryptic crossword.

BEHEADMENT: A word becomes a new one when its first letter is removed.
Example: ONE = factor, TWO = actor.

1. BEHEADMENT (6, 5)

They followed the stream as it FIRST through the wood,

Staying as much in the shade as they could.

A splash, and a swimmer then came into sight.

“He's SECOND!” one Girl Scout cried out in delight.

CURTAILMENT: A word becomes a new one when its last letter is removed.
Example: ONE = aspiring, TWO = aspirin. The asterisk indicates that the six-letter word is capitalized.

2. CURTAILMENT (7, *6)

“Cleopatra,” if it's true

That opposites attract,

Could be called the ONE of “TWO”

By known historic fact.

DELETION: A word becomes a new one when an interior letter is removed.
Example: ONE = simile, TWO = smile.

3. DELETION (9, 8)

So the jury finally TWO that czar of crime?

And a jury trial is ONE? High bloody time.

4. DELETION (5, 4)

One year fat, one year lean.

Never anywhere between.

Diet changes every day;

Either ONE or TWO, I say.

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