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Solving Tools of the NPL


The Enigma Corrigenda are notes about errors and omissions in The Enigma.

Base Finding Tools

Whether you need a letter bank of “snake” or a consonantcy of “Ucaoimhu,” there is a tool that fits.

Alternade Deletion Repeated Letter Change
Backswitch Head To Tail Shift Repeated Letter Deletion
Baltimore Deletion Letter Bank Reversal
Beheadment Letter Change Switchback
Changeover Letter Shift Terminal Deletion
Consonantcy Metathesis Transpogram
Curtailment Padlock Transposal

Dictionary Searching

The Dictionary Grep/Search uses our wordlists gathered from many sources to find terms using regular expressions.

We also have Dictionary Grep/Search - Advanced which provides more powerful options.

Cryptogram Solving

The Penrose Cryptogram Solver is a Java applet that tracks the details of solving a cryptogram.

Brutus, our cryptogram solver, Password required is only available to Members

Form Friend

Form Friend is a tool from to help build forms. Forms are an Extra in the Enigma; these are words interlocked to make a variety of shapes that can be simply rectangular or more complex.


Many of the solving tools rely on the The NPL Wordlists as a resource. These are large lists of a dictionary nature, that is, they are proper words and names as found in one or more common dictionaries. Each list has a different emphasis and origin.

Note: We claim no copyright on the content of the wordlists, since they are, as best we can determine, in the public domain.