DokuWiki supports so called namespaces to separate different types of content in the wiki. For example all information about DokuWiki is in the wiki namespace. Namespaces are created by colons in the pagename. Alternatively you can use a semicolon and – when useslash is enabled – a slash as namespace separator.

If there is no colon in a linked pagename the current namespace is assumed. You can escape to the default namespace by prepending a colon to the pagename. Here are some examples:

  * [[wiki:start]] links to ''wiki:start''
  * [[start]] links to ''wiki:start''
  * [[:start]] links to ''start''

Sometimes you may want to link to a subnamespace without giving the full namespace. You can start the link with a dot (.) to always prepend the current namespace. Again some examples:

  * [[discussion]] links to ''wiki:discussion''
  * [[discussion:visibility]] links to ''discussion:visibility''
  * [[.discussion:visibility]] links to ''wiki:discussion:visibility''

Namespaces are helpful to categorize or structure the content..

One can use them to split content about the same subject from other unrelated content. This split occurs at two levels: storage and linking.

Note: pages and documents are both the same entity: document with content = HTML page.