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FAQ = “Frequently Asked Questions”

Q. I'm looking for people interested in Scrabble™. Is this the place? What about Anagrams? Cryptograms? I like riddles; am I still welcome?

A. You're certainly welcome to participate, but our pastime focus isn't quite on those exact things. There is an American Cryptogram Association, and another association for Scrabble. Or, perhaps you should just see our list of other organizations?

We have people that compose a lot of puzzle type, play a lot of games and in general have a lot of fun at what ever they do. We have jugglers, writers, editors, composers, musicians, mathies, professors, students, and housewives as members.


A. You should see our Join us! page


A. If your change is a mailing address change, you need to tell both the treasurer and editor. Changes to email should go to the from our Handy Form website password is required.

Q: Where can I turn for help if my question isn't answered here in the FAQs?

A: Be sure to check out The Guide to the Enigma, too. It is an excellent resource on all the ins-and-outs of most things.

You are free to join in one of our twice-weekly online chats and get to know more about us and get your questions answered. Chat announcements are posted twice a week on npl-folk.

The best resource for answering NPL questions are NPLers themselves. Don't know any? That's all right; just join the npl-folk mailing list. You can post your question there and have an answer back, often in a matter of minutes. Most NPL'ers – hell, all NPL'ers – are more than happy to help out; we remember what it's like to be newbies confronted with our first Sanskrit-looking flats.

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