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FAQ = “Frequently Asked Questions”

Q. It says I need a password, why?

A. Some areas are for members only because of a) privacy of content in an area (i.e. Con Photos) or b) the page contains information for members only (i.e. our publications). Members can have free access to all these areas.

And by “members” we mean people who have paid annual dues, not just signed up for access to the public areas of our server. If you have paid, you should let the know your login so he can grant you access to the “member only” areas of the site.

Q. I'm a member and I want a password. What do I do?

A. see Website Access and Passwords. You'll create a login on the website, then send a note to the informing him of your user name and your real identity.

Q. My password stopped working, what do I do?

A. There are several possible problems:

  • Your password was changed and you forgot it? The “profile” form will send you a “key” in a URL that will let you reset your own password. If you do not have access to the email you had when you originally subscribed, an email to can get your password reset. Then you should update the email in your profile.
  • Your membership may have lapsed? The label on your Enigma will tell you is your membership is due. An email to can help to check this problem as well.
  • Software upgrades seem to break the cookies used to manage logins. You may need to remove or allow our cookies on your computer to fix this.

Due to the nature of Linux passwords, we cannot tell you your old password. When the Webmaster or Treasurer set you password, it will be changed to something we think is cute and memorable, and it will be mailed to your puzzlers alias or the address in the directory. We will not generally reset a password and send the new password to the address on the email.

Lapsed membership? The does have control of member access to the website, so if you've allowed your membership to lapse, you might want to ask about it first. The will simply refer your request to the anyway.

Q. I can never remember the password for the website. How can I change it?

A. You should login to the site, then click [Profile] to change your password. If all else fails, you should send a note to the to reset your password, then change it to something you can remember.


A. As with any website, drop an email to You can even use our handy form to submit a suggestion or note to the But don't pester him for e-mail problems because cause he can't do anything but forward that to


A. In all probability, no, we're not. If you got your words in any of our dictionary lists, it does not count. Simply finding two words in the dictionary (one of the many we have) isn't really all that challenging. About 10 people per month, actually.


3. Google shows you an excerpt of the page you whacked. Look at that text.
If it's merely a list of words (such as a bibliography, concordance, encyclopedia,
glossary, thesaurus, dictionary, domain names, or plain old machine-generated
random garbage), No Whack For You!

[emphasis added/webmaster]

Q. Hey! Stuff on this website doesn't work!! What's with that??

A. Well, we've just moved to a new server and yes, some things got broke in the move. We've got a list here.

Q. Hey! Stuff on this website isn't where it was!! What's with that??

A. Well, we've moved to a new server (Dec/2005) and yes, some things got move and the site basically reorganized. We've got a list here.

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